Girls Pathway Academy Trials: Bognor Arena (1 August 2024)
Girls Pathway Academy Trials: Bognor Arena (1 August 2024)

We will be hosting a trial morning which is welcome to all 🙌🏽

⚪ Thursday the 1st August
⚫ Bognor Arena Sports Centre
⚪ 10am – 11am

Here’s what our Pathway Academy will provide…

⚫ Consistent and Progressive coaching from highly qualified coaches.
⚪ Balanced feedback to help development.
⚫ Matche programme once a half term to help gauge development & set goals.
⚪ Being provided a Pathway towards further opportunities in football.
⚫ Can play for both Pathway Girls and your own grassroots team.
⚪ An opportunity to train with new state-of-the-art equipment
⚫ Summer Tournaments
⚪ Progression Report Form

What are we looking for?

To qualify for this the girls need to be in school years 1-7 from September 2024

We are looking for girls with potential, that want to learn, progress and go as far in the game as they can.

If you have any further questions please feel free to pop us a message or email.

We hope to see many girls come through and show us their talent on the day. Regardless of their success in the trial, we at Pathway will have the session for them.


Event Checklist
  1. Must wear shin pads
  2. Appropriate footwear (trainers, football boots)
  3. Full Water bottle
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Free trial!

Participant and emergency contact details are required at payment.